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Research Library Impact Framework Initiative and Pilots: Equitable Student Outcomes and an Inclusive Learning Environment

Research question: (How) does the library contribute to equitable student outcomes and an inclusive learning environment?

Project Teams

Project Descriptions

Pilot Project: Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University (TTU) Libraries focused on developing methods to measure the collections and resources available to the TTU community for the study of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many academic institutions are already aware of the need to address these issues. TTU Libraries is working on developing a methodology for large research institutions to tackle the issue. If successful, other institutions could apply it to their collections. In addition, the TTU Libraries will develop a method to measure the success of library instruction on courses taught in these areas. Other academic institutions and areas of study could apply this measurement as well.


Practice Brief: University of Washington

This practice brief documents the process used by the Undergraduate Student Success Team at the University of Washington to create a library outreach assessment framework. The framework, centered on demonstrating and communicating the value and impact of outreach activities, includes the Library Outreach Assessment Toolkit, a group of adaptable and flexible template documents that guide the assessment process for outreach activities. Grounded in a mixed-methods assessment approach, the toolkit can be used for any category or level of outreach; from one-time, just-for-fun events to annual instruction and services-focused programming. The toolkit, and in particular the outreach report, serves as a vehicle for ongoing communication with stakeholders and partners, and demonstrates the impact outreach activities have on library users.